Apple iPad 2.0 Promo Codes
With tons of people out there are enjoying their new iPad 2 and loving every second of it, are you feeling left out?

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//Updated November 21, 2011

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Apple Ipad 2 Review

You and I both know there was something evolutionary about the iPhone, and the iPad has that same aura around it.  New users came into the Apple world because of them. These things are like drugs because of their simplicity and usability. But when the first iPad came out, everyone just said it was a fat iPod Touch. However, the iPad 2 is now definitely in a league of it’s own.  With the 2nd generation of the iPad out, it’s features and useability is out of this world!

The iPad 2 isn’t just another toy from Apple, it’s like going from an iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4.. the difference is unreal! This version is the iPad you need to get if you've been looking to get your hands on one since the original.  If so, it wouldn’t hurt to look and see if there are discounts at Consumer Incentive Rewards for Apple iPad 2.

New iPad Features
  1. Faster processor. The new model will have a dual core A5 processor chip, “drool!” which is chip designed and developed solely by Apple. It is really that much more responsive.
  2. Front- and rear-facing cameras. Can you say “Hell Yes!!!”  This is something everyone has been waiting for, this is what makes this thing so futuristic and cool.. this is what makes it fun.  This is what it’s all about!.. but wait there’s even more below!....
  3. FaceTime. Now you can FaceTime on the iPad due to the cameras. This completes the sweep of Apple products, so now you can FaceTime on all major Apple devices.
  4. Gyroscope. This is a must have for these portable devices nowadays.  It was first implemented on the iPhone 3GS and adds an extra dimension to the motion that the device detects, so all of the cool games that so accurately picks up every move that an iPhone makes will be available to the iPad 2.
  5. Color change. The classic Apple white color was the first to be released.. classy!
  6. Size. The iPad 2 is a third thinner than the original.  It is significant and it’s edges are smoothened out.  What’s really crazy is it’s thinner than the iPhone 4. The iPad 2 also weighs less than the original.
  7. More carriers: The iPad 2 with 3G will work with both AT&T and Verizon, though you’ll need a different model for both GSM and CDMA.
iPad 2′s “Awesomest” Feature
The iPad 2 can connect to high-def displays using a HDMI cable u get from Apple. The connector even charges the iPad!!  Now you can watch Netflix and HD movies from it without having to move your laptop around. This HDMI out will also transform the world of doing business presentations and lectures making it easier than ever to control the screen. 

What’s Still Missing? A few cons..
  1. A larger screen.  The iPad’s screen is nice don’t get me wrong, but can’t they reduce the size frame around the screen and free up space for more touch action?!
  2. A crisper screen.  The iPhone 4 has a retina display, not so on the the iPad screen unfortunately.
  3. Camera flash. Not a big deal, it’s not supposed to be used as a full-time camera, that would be dumb wouldn’t you think?
  4. Microsoft Office. Everyone uses it, everyone should have it!  C’mon! I guess it’s an Apple vs Microsoft thing. 

The best news about the new iPad 2 is Apple isn’t upping the price.  The prices are the same as the original iPad!! 
Prices start at $499 for 16GB Wi-Fi-only models and range up to $829 for a fully-loaded model. (However, not for people who can find promo codes *wink wink*)
Can’t afford it? Well, maybe you can if you had a promo code! Check for availability here:  Consumer Incentive Rewards - Apple iPad 2

Here is a quick comparison between the old iPad and the new:

Apple iPad 1 
Apple iPad 2
OS (current) 
Dimensions (in.) 
9.56 x 7.47 x 0.52 
9.5 x 7.31 x 0.34
Weight (lbs) 
1.5 (Wi-Fi) 1.6 (3G) 
1.33 (Wi-Fi) 1.35 (GSM)
Display size (Diagonal) 
Display Resolution 
1024 x 768 
1024 x 768 (w/LED Backlighting)
A4 (single core) 
A5 (dual core)
User Storage (GB) 
Front Camera 
Rear Camera 
HD (720p)
Camera Flash 
mono spkr, stereo headphone 
mono spkr, stereo headphone
802.11 a/b/g/n 
802.11 a/b/g/n
3G Radio (GSM) 
3G Radio (CDMA) 
2.1 + EDR 
2.1 + EDR
Battery Life 
10 hr (25-watt-hr) 
10 hr (25 watt-hr)
Video out 
HDMI (w/ accessory)
Ambient Light 
Ambient Light
Black or White
Price (Wi-Fi) 
Price (3G)
Flash Support

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Ipad 2 Promotional Codes

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Find out how we got our iPad 2, visit: Consumer Incentive Rewards