iPad 3 Rumors

Have you heard of the iPad 3 recently?
It's not much of a surprise now is it?

News of the iPad 3 have recently surfaced and some speculation has been going around that at the end of this year 2011 we could be seeing it on stores shelves!

Rumors also say Apple fans can test out an iPad 3 before release.  Click Here to check if  reservations are still available.

Why would Apple release the iPad 3 the same year the iPad 2 was released?

Well for starters, maybe they found a way to cram more features into the iPad 3. Maybe they're trying to increase their revenue and sales. Maybe they just want to get rid of the iPad 2 and make room for something completely out of this world so they can blow all the competition away. Well, they never had much competition in the first place as all other touchscreen devices in the iPad's market just cannot compete with it.

Well, there's good that comes out of a release of the iPad 3, lower prices for the iPad 2!

Personally, I don't think the prices of these amazing devices should go down at all as Apple is just dominating everything in the touchscreen market here in the U.S. But, if an iPad 3 comes out there really is no point to keep a bunch of iPad 2's around so expect to get lower prices.

The iPad 3 supposedly only gets a few improvements, so that means more value for new customers and more money in your pocket to save!

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